Quarantine Protocol Revision

Shift in Quarantine Protocols Follows Return to In-Person Learning
Posted on 01/28/2021
Update: 1/29/21
When students return to in-person learning on February 1, XCS families may notice a slight change in mandatory quarantine guidelines, based on revisions announced by the Ohio Department of Health while students were learning remotely. 

Under these revisions, students or staff who come into direct contact with a confirmed, positive case of COVID-19 are still required to quarantine, but they may be able to reduce the duration from ten to seven days with a negative non-rapid COVID-19 test. 

The test must be taken on or after Day 5 of quarantine, and the results must be shared with district staff for verification. The person quarantining must observe strict protocols, including: staying home except for doctor visits and/or a COVID-19 test, maintaining at least 6 feet of social distancing, and wearing a mask around others — even at home. 

Any student who is directed to quarantine due to close contact at school will be given a checklist with this information by XCS clinic staff at the time the student or staff is sent home. A specific timeline for that student’s return to in-person learning will be established on the form, and clinic staff will follow up with families to confirm eligible testing dates, if any.

Families should note that the opportunity to decrease quarantine time does not apply to every situation. Any student who is sent home from school with symptoms, or the sibling of a student sent home with symptoms, is not eligible to be decreased from the 10-day quarantine period. In addition, it is important to know that “Day 0” is the date of exposure, and the timeline for quarantine begins the next day.

Note that direct contact is defined as anyone who was within 6 feet of a person who has tested positive for 15 minutes or more (cumulative) over a 24-hour period, OR within 3 feet in a classroom/bus setting only. The exposure period begins 48 hours prior to the positive person showing symptoms or, if they are asymptomatic, 48 hours prior to the test date that yields the positive result.

The individual in quarantine must continue to self-monitor for symptoms through Day 14 from exposure. Check temperature twice a day, watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19. 

Persons who develop symptoms of COVID-19 or who test positive for COVID-19 at any time should self-isolate and follow recommendations for discontinuing isolation.