Carol Bernard



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7th and 8th Grade Language Arts

Classroom Policies:

All students are expected to follow the 5 Buccaneer Behaviors in order for our classroom to work effectively.

  1. BE ON TIME:  Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings ready to start class

  2. BE PREPARED:  Always come to class with all necessary materials:  agenda, pencil, paper, PBR

  3. BE RESPECTFUL:  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Respect yourself, other students, teachers, and other’s property.

  4. BE RESPONSIBLE:  Take ownership of your choices and actions.  Do what is required, directed and expected.

  5. BE HONEST:  Do what is right, even when no one else is around.  Accept consequences, no false excuses.


    Classroom Behavior:

We will use “Stop Dots” to manage our language and behavior in the classroom. 

  1. Any time a student demonstrates misbehaviors, or behaviors that go against the school/classroom rules and expectations, he or she will receive a red sticker, which we will call a “Stop Dot”.

  2. If a student receives one “Stop Dot” in a class period, this serves as a warning and no consequences will be issued.

  3. If a student receives two “Stop Dots” in a class period, that person must stay after class for a Student/Teacher Talk.

  4. If a student receives three “Stop Dots” in a class period, the student will receive a classroom detention.

  5. If a student receives four “Stop Dots” in a class period, the student will receive a referral to the office for further disciplinary consequences.

*NOTE: If a student's misbehavior is severe and needs immediate attention from the principal, assistant principal, or counselor, or if the student's misbehavior is a continual disruption to instruction or students' learning over a period of time, I will skip the steps listed above and immediate consequences will be issued.


Important Announcement!

In Resource Language Arts (READ 180), several heavily-weighted grades are entered at the end of each quarter (i.e., Topic Software Average, Reading Counts Quiz Average, SRI Growth Test).  Therefore, student grades are subject to drop if work is incomplete or missing.