Pam Graetz

8th Grade
Language Arts
Room 237


 Einstein said, "The important thing is never to stop questioning." So, start asking questions, as we are looking for Einsteins here!


This is my 18th year of teaching.  I’ve taught all ages, kids and adults, and loved every bit of it!  However, eighth grade is most special because, in the eighth grade, you are just about to cross the threshold into high school, young adulthood!  At this time, you feel you can do anything and life is incredibly exciting! I love this and look forward to being a part of it!

I’ve had a lot of jobs that helped me learn how to be a teacher.  For 16 years, I was a counselor.  I talked about anything you might imagine with people ~ so not too much shocks me!  I’m also a mom.  I have two grown children who did a good job of teaching me that kids need to have fun and try out new ideas!  Finally, I’ve been married to my husband for 30 some years.  My husband is also a teacher; he teaches high school students.  Here’s a little secret: 8th graders are SO much more fun than high school students!  All year long, I’ll be looking for good stories about our class to tell him!

Some of my best time is spent looking for ideas to use in class! I read all sorts of things about how to become a better reader, a better writer, a better thinker.  One of my favorite books talks about the three A's for success:  Attendance, Action, Attitude.  When all three of these are in place, one way or another, good things happen! 

One of the most important things a teacher can do is to simply listen to her students (and their families). So guaranteed, I'm always happy to talk with you. if you have something you need to voice ~ please know that I'm wanting to listen!


Pam Graetz