WMS Construction

Follow us as we build a  NEW Warner Middle School.

Planning for a NEW Warner Middle School

Multiple work groups will all take part in planning the new facility — and we will also be asking for plenty of input! The teams that will be working on the project include: 

Core Team
This executive level group includes district leadership and representatives from SHP (architect) and the Construction Manager at Risk (to be hired September 2021). 

Work Groups
Various work groups will be created as needed throughout the planning process, creating the perfect opportunity to get input from subject-matter experts ranging from our experienced staff to interested parents. Work groups will be led by members of the Facility Steering Team,

Educational Vision Team
While not strictly a facility planning group, this team will include our curriculum staff, middle school leadership, special education, and content departments. The group will focus on the entire learning experience for grades 6-8, setting educational priorities that will prepare students for a bright future. Planning at this level will impact design decisions.

Timeline Overview

 Summer – Early Fall 2021    Pre-Design Phase 
 Mid-Fall 2021 – Winter 2022   Design Phase 
 Spring-Summer 2022   Budget Review + Bidding
 Spring 2022   Begin Construction 

*Timeline is subject to change.