GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

Advisors - Mrs. Allen,
Mrs. Ohrman & Mrs. Wavra

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student-led and student-organization with chapters at high schools and colleges across the country.  The point of a GAS is to unite LGBTQ and allied (straight) youth to build community and organize around issues that affect them in their school and community.  Since our club is student-led, the students get to make it whatever they want it to be.  In past years, the club has focused on education and activism, but this year we have been mostly a social club.  Our club Motto is "The Platinum Rule."  The Platinum Rule is to treat others the way they want/need to be treated.  If you agree with that Motto, then GSA is the place for you, no matter how you identify!  If you still have questions, you could talk to Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Ohrman, Mrs. Wavra, or check out the GSA website of